Bennington Elementary Slideshow of Student Artwork

Emergency/Weather Closings, Delays, Early Dismissals

Dear SVSU families,

Please be sure to complete a Change of Address Form if you have moved. We want to be sure to have the most current and correct information in our system to be sure future communications reach you. It is also very important for addresses to be up-to-date to assist with development of bus routes over the summer. Change of Address forms can be obtained at the SVSU Central Office, any school office, or on the SVSU website under Parents > Documents & Forms > Change of Address. Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.

Thank you.

Welcome to Bennington Elementary School

There are common strands that align Bennington Elementary, Molly Stark Elementary, and Monument Elementary. We share the same curriculum, district policies, assessments, and many other significant elements of operation. All three schools now use the same electronic format for lesson plans. All three have standard master schedules that are clear, consistent and offer common planning times which allow for staff to be shared among the schools. All elementary learners in the BSD are active participants in the Supervisory Union’s Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tier (Ci3T) Model of Prevention that addresses the needs of children in academics, behavior, and social development. All schools have posted, practiced, and reinforced the expectations that govern this program.